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Step 3: Add the items to your shopping cart

Once find the item you decide to buy, enter the quantity and then click "Add To Cart". Of course you can adjust the quantity or the contents of your shopping cart as necessary.((if itmes have size attribute,pls don't forget choose a size fit yourself.)
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Step 4: Review and submit your order

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Step 5: Check out

Following the instructions step by step to complete your order

Shipping—choose your shipping method here. Usually our system has selected an economical and fast shipping method automatically.
Certainly you can make changes as you desired. Then click the continue checkout button to next step
* Please ensure this is an accurate shipping address where we can send your parcel safely.

Payment— check your billing address and made a selection of your payment method.(if choose pay by Credit Card, how to payment?) Once you have done all, click continue checkout to the next step
Order confirmation—this page will give you the summary of your order. Once click the confirm order, you will get your order number at the top of this page. Please offering this number if you contact our customer service regarding your order. Mean while an email order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address immediately upon your order submitted successfully. Next we will process your order within 1-2 business days.